For the goverment commision of Canon van Nederland I have done all the image selection and research. Sourcing icononografical paintings, cultural objects and otherwise iconografical material. Some are made on request by the commision, but lot’s of digital materials where available in museums across the world.

  • Client  Committee for the Development of the Dutch Canon. (Ministry of Education, Culture & Science)
  • Role Images editor, webmaster
  • Agency Eden
  • Date July 2007

The report of the Committee (published as A Key to Dutch History, pdf, 24 Mb) can be summarized as follows:

  • A canon for all Dutch people  
  • as a story of the country we all live in
  • the Netherlands not as a horizon, but as an observation post
  • not as a vehicle for national pride, but rather a canon that evokes involvement
  • not a mausoleum, but a living heritage
  • a canon that is open rather than closed
  • no lists, but windows
  • modern technology not as a threat, but as an ally
  • familiarisation with the canon as natural baggage
  • not a final goal, but an inspiring foundation, to be laid in primary education
  • not a new school subject, not a complete curriculum, not a new textbook
  • to be installed first, in order to be able to put into perspective later
  • chart – chest – website
  • mastery is proven only in limitation
  • choices, but no straitjacket
  • with substantial attention for the teachers “who must bring alive”, and how they are trained
  • give the subject back to the teacher – and give the teacher back to the subject
  • not static, but dynamic
  • not a lecture, but a discussion
  • with invitations to the cultural world, market and society
  • the canon as a cultural capital with invaluable yields
  • daring to invest in general education and immaterial infrastructures
  • a fund for the future
  • the canon not as a problem, but as an opportunity

Hubert Slings – DIRECTOR


The former Committee for the Development of the Dutch Canon:

Frits van Oostrom (1953), Paul van Meenen (1956),  Herman Beliën (1946-2013), Maxim Drenth von Februar (1963), Frans Groot (1958), Els Kloek (1952), Rob van der Vaart (1951), Susan Legêne (1955), Hubert Slings (1967)

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